22 Reasons Why Everyone Needs An ISFJ In Their Life

 ISFJs are so damn loving. They are truly and completely.
  1. ISFJs are faithful and trustworthy. I never have to worry that my ISFJ will cheat on or leave me.
  2. ISFJ personality possesses deep emotional awareness and understanding of other people through their observations and close-knit relationships. This allows them to be a reliable source of help and support when the going gets tough.
  3. ISFJs appreciate those they love. They notice the little things you do and notice when you don’t feel good. They think of thoughtful ways to make you feel better.
  4. ISFJs dress beautifully/enjoyably/well which makes being around them visually pleasant.
  5. ISFJs often have an artistic bent — they might paint, or sing, or write songs, or enjoy acting, or are good at interior design, etc. Very inspiring when you’re in a creative rut because they are consistent in their creating.
  6. ISFJs are reliable and responsible they are keen to the little details and are very patient with getting things done right. They may be slow workers, but their progress is steady and dependable.
  7. ISFJs are usually able to last until the end, providing results with greater than expected quality.
  8. ISFJs well organized their ability to work at slow, steady pace is due to their excellent organizational capabilities. They can manage time and resources very well, so they make good managers, leaders, and even solo, multi-tasking workers.
  9. ISFJs are hard workers. They will take care of the ones they love and work to support their families. They will do their duties without complaint (unless stuff is really unfair and mean, then they might complain, but who wouldn’t?).
  10. ISFJs are funny. If you don’t think so, you don’t know one well enough. They tell amusing stories and do impressions. They are hilarious in this way. They also have a subtle sense of humor and know how to laugh at little things that might irritate others.
  11. ISFJs respect other people and their rights, and give people their space. They don’t expect a lot out of others.
  12. ISFJs are good at maintaining long-term friendships and are friends with those they grow up with on into adulthood and beyond (usually). When everyone else leaves you, the ISFJ will be there.
  13. ISFJs are Relationships, projects and other endeavors are all important to ISFJs. These individuals do not easily get into relationships, but when they do, they often are in for life. Disloyalty and neglect by others do not easily challenge the ISFJs unwavering commitment and loyalty to the people they love and work with.
  14. ISFJs personality uses their imagination and observation skills to empathize with others. They do not judge that easily, but always put their selves on the circumstances of other people to see how they should react or respond to a given situation.
  15. ISFJs are great overseers of just about any unit whether it is a business, a school, a household, etc. This is due to their superior skills in handling practical issues and daily needs.
  16. ISFJ individuals rarely overlook issues, even trivial ones, when they go about their routine or handle a project.
  17. ISFJs may try out a lot of people before finding “the one” but after they find that person they stick to them and do not waver in their commitment.
  18. ISFJs value harmony and cooperation
  19. ISFJs desire to believe the best in people
  20. ISFJs very  sensitive to the feelings of others
  21. ISFJs are good listeners
22 Reasons Why Everyone Needs An ISFJ In Their Life
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