Best Careers for ENFP Personalities

Means doing work that: 1. Lets me work with a diverse group of people on a variety of projects, motivated by creative inspiration 2. Lets me create new ideas, products, services, or solutions to problems that will help other people, and then see my projects become reality 3. Is fun, challenging, and always varied 4. Rarely requires me to handle the follow-through, routine details, or maintenance of a system or project 5. Lets me work at my own pace and schedule, with a minimum of rules or structure and the freedom to act spontaneously 6. Lets me meet new people, learn new skills, and continually satisfy my curiosity 7. Is consistent with my personal beliefs and values and lets me create opportunities that benefit others 8. Is done in a friendly and relaxed environment with humor, goodwill, and a minimum of interpersonal conflict 9. Allows me the freedom to follow my inspirations and participate in exciting and intriguing adventures 10. Is done in an environment that appreciates and rewards enthusiasm, ingenuity, and imagination ENFP 3 Popular Occupations for ENFPs In listing occupations that are popular among ENFPs, it is important to note that there are successful people of all types in all occupations. However, the following are careers ENFPs may find particularly satisfying and some of the reasons why. This is by no means a comprehensive listing but is included to suggest possibilities you may not have previously considered. Although all of these occupations offer the potential for career satisfaction, the future demand for some careers is anticipated to be greater than for others. Creative Journalist Screenwriter/playwright Columnist Character actor Musician/composer Newscaster Interior decorator Artist Reporter/editor (magazines) Informational-graphics designer Desktop publisher Editor/art director (Web sites) Educational software developer Creative director on a multimedia team Multimedia producer Director of regional/community theater Documentary filmmaker Costume and wardrobe designer Television producer Broadcast news analyst Cartoonist and animator Exhibit designer The obvious appeal of these creative careers is the opportunity to continually develop new and original approaches. ENFPs enjoy the creative process, especially if it offers opportunity for collaboration and to be inspired by working with others. The more unconstrained and flexible working environment, the better ENFPs like it. They work well independently but need frequent, spontaneous interaction with others to keep their creative juices flowing and to keep their work fun. Marketing/Planning Public relations specialist Marketing consultant Advertising account executive Copy writer/publicity writer Advertising creative director Strategic planner Publicist Research assistant Editor/art director (magazine) ENFPs usually are excellent long-range thinkers and can easily see the possible effects of an idea, program, or service on others. They take the needs and concerns of other people into consideration in their planning and often devise innovative and humane solutions to problems. They enjoy creative problem solving, especially as part of a lively and energetic team. Often clever and funny, many ENFPs find satisfaction in writing advertising copy for print or broadcast media. The fast pace and constantly changing face of advertising is also appealing. And they can be great spokespeople for organizations in the role of a public relations manager. ENFP 4 Education/Counseling Teacher: special education Child welfare counselor Bilingual education teacher Development director Teacher: early childhood Career counselor Teacher: art/drama/music/English Residential housing director Substance abuse counselor Ombudsperson Pastoral counselor Rehabilitation worker Social scientist Educational psychologist Planned-giving officer Social worker (elderly and child day care issues) Philanthropic consultant Social psychologist Counseling psychologist Anthropologist High school guidance counselor Parent instructor, child development course Many ENFPs find work that has a positive impact on others to be intrinsically satisfying. They can be compassionate and supportive psychologists and creative and enthusiastic career counselors, helping their clients find new and original solutions to problems. Their focus is on possibilities, especially for others, and they have an infectious and energizing style that motivates their clients to try to make positive changes in their lives. They enjoy helping others develop their own spirituality and often are attracted to careers in some form of ministry. As ombudspersons, they are effective and innovative catalysts for change within organizations, helping individuals by serving as a guide to available resources. Health Care/Social Service Dietitian/nutritionist Massage therapist Physical therapist Legal mediator Chiropractor Speech-language pathologist/audiologist Urban regional planner Holistic health practitioner (alternative medicine) Public health educator Employee assistance program counselor Occupational therapist These fields in health care and social service are generally appealing to ENFPs, in part because of their helping nature an opportunity to use creative approaches but also because these tend to be careers one can self-manage while remaining independent and flexible. ENFPs in these careers are most satisfied when they are able to work outside of a rigid traditional structure, perhaps as consultants serving a variety of clients. Entrepreneurial/Business Consultant Marketing executive: radio/TV/cable broadcast industry Inventor Advertising account manager or account executive Sales: intangibles/ideas Diversity manager – human resources Human resources manager Human resources development trainer Conference planner Environmental attorney Personnel recruiter Employment development specialist Restaurateur Labor relations specialist Corporate/team trainer Public relations specialist Merchandise planner Outplacement consultant Management consultant: change management/team building/diversity ENFP 5 ENFPs are born entrepreneurs! They enjoy working for themselves because it gives them the freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to choose the projects they wish to work on and the people they want to work with. They usually have an abundance of ideas they want to see turned into reality, particularly those that will affect other people. Many ENFPs enjoy consulting in the areas of team building, conflict resolution, or increasing effectiveness in the workplace. They also enjoy being independent sales people, especially selling intangibles – ideas, rather than products. The conventional business world is usually not appealing to ENFPs because they dislike excessive rules, regulations, or standard operating procedures. However, within traditional organizations, ENFPs flock to the human resources departments in the role of trainers and counselors. They find that a career as an employment development adviser uses their abilities to plan ahead and devise creative ways for people to do their work while keeping the organization’s goals in mind. Remember, these are only some areas that provide satisfying expressions for the unique natural talents of the ENFP.

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