The Difference Between INTP-T and INTP-A


INTP-A is more laid back and more ‘approachable’ as a discussion partner and they are pretty fun for hangouts.

INTP-A are more open for opinions and they could maintain a good politeness during a conversation. Although, sometimes they could rudely dismiss statements that they deem ‘silly’ or irrelevant with the main subject, they are actually great advisers for solving logical-related problems.

INTP-As  Don’t  tend to push themselves all that much as to avoid dealing with stress. An assertive will do something and after maybe only one revision will decide that something is good enough and there’s no need worrying about it. What’s done is done, let’s move on to other projects.

INTP-As mostly are more confident about their abilities.


INTP-Ts are more of an impatient, yet the intelligent professor of all subjects. Just make sure that they are not placed in crowded places for too long or they will get weary and the atmosphere becomes dull or awkward due to their tiredness with people.

INTP-Ts are more temperament in this case and most of the time, they can be pretty difficult to deal with.

INTP –Ts will attempt to complete a project to the best of their ability and more stable with handling the stress. Often when doing this, the Turbulent will run into stress from the amount of effort they are putting into their work. Turbulent are very much perfectionistic. They will check over something multiple times before deciding it is good enough. There’s always something that crops up at the last minute, it’s best to be sure they can provide a good advice.

INTP-Ts are less confident in their abilities and can go from confident to hating themselves to confident again.

INTP-Ts might be perfectionists and get stressed easily. However, this could work to their advantage, because they are the types to constantly improve themselves due to this stressing.

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