Give More to Get More

Give More to Get More

giving 10% of your earnings to the work of God—is one of the best guarantees of prosperity ever known. Many of the world’s richest individuals and most successful people have been devout tithers. By tithing regularly, you, too, can put into motion God’s universal force, bringing you continual abundance Topic …Give More to Get More

Not only does it serve others but it serves you as the giver, too. The benefits cross all religious boundaries and serve those of every faith—because the simple act of giving both creates a spiritual alliance with the God of abundance, and fosters the mind-set of love for others. Tithing proves in a compelling way that abundant wealth is something God wants for His children. In fact, He created a world where the more successful you are, the more wealth there is for everyone to share. An increase in wealth for an individual almost always represents an increase in wealth for society at large.

Financial tithing is best explained as contributing 10% of your gross income to the organization from whence you derive your spiritual guidance or whose philanthropic work you want to support. Time tithing is volunteering your time to serve your church, temple, or synagogue or any charity that could use your help.

God’s universal force Give More to Get More.

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