The successful Tips to accomplish self-confidence

 1. Self-confidence and achievement. 

There is something common in all achievers and that is self-confidence. It gives them the courage to take greater risks and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Self-confidence extends their reach and makes them do miracles. Self-confidence is our attitude which gives us a positive and realistic view about ourselves. It helps us to trust our abilities and believe that we can achieve what we dream. Self-confident people have realistic expectations of themselves and others. Even if some of these expectations are not met they remain positive, accept themselves and look optimistically to conquer greater heights. They feel good about themselves even when others don’t appreciate and acknowledge their efforts.

We don’t long for the approval of others and we are willing to risk and do what others are scared to do because we believe in their ability to win. It is the secret of effective and successful living. Our self-confidence is expressed in our behavior, body language, the way we dress, talk, look, walk, what we say and think, the way we act and relate etc. The signs of low self-confidence are feeling of guilt, scepticism, self-shame, pride, fear, pretension, laziness, unforgiving attitudes, depression, lack of trust in oneself and others, pessimism, inferiority complex, procrastination, self-doubt, passivity, submissiveness, isolation and jealousy etc. The good news is that there are ways are ways by which we can build up our self-confidence.

The following tools, exercises and ideas have been tried and tested :

2. Have Faith in Yourself.

Our self-confidence increases when we believe in our abilities to perform and manage things. All of us have innumerable talents and potentials, only we are often not aware of many of them. To believe in our capabilities we first of all must identify what we have. Take some time for some personal analysis and realistically look at ourselves. We will discover that we are people of great possibilities and potentials. This faith in our abilities will boost our self-confidence. We must dwell more on our strengths and use them to negate and correct our weaknesses.

3. Look at Your Achievements.

We can successfully do so many things. We too are great achievers. But we often brood over our failures and make our lives miserable. Think often of your successes and this will help you to increase your self-confidence. Our fear of failures prevents us from taking up anything new and challenging. Remember that we have so many qualities and abilities and that we too can be successful if we perform with all our energy, mind and heart.

4. Feel Good About Yourself.

No one can make us feel inferior without our permission. To boost our self-confidence first of all we must feel good about ourselves. The secret of all successful and happy living is to love oneself. When I am unhappy with myself I see unhappiness everywhere and I make all those around me unhappy. I must accept myself and feel good about the way I am, the way I look, my colour, my size, my shape and believe that the world can’t be same if I am not there. Enjoy yourself once in a while by joining your friends for a night out, enjoying a good meal, going for a movie, playing some games etc. Laugh and forget yourself and enjoy some moments and run away from your work and stress. Such activities can boost your self-confidence.

5. Set Challenging Goals.

Goals can do miracles in our lives. Greater the goals greater is our self-confidence. We should have both small goals and big goals. The achievement of small goals will give us enough enthusiasm and self-confidence to run towards bigger and more challenging goals. We must think positively about our abilities to achieve our goals and reward ourselves when we achieve them.

6. Find Your Commitment and Passion.

Our self-confidence depends on the degree of our commitment to a cause. If we are mediocre and half-hearted the result will also be same. We must commit ourselves to success and become passionate about what we do. Our commitment is expressed in our eagerness and desire to learn and develop new skills, knowledge and talents. When we are more prepared with commitment, knowledge and skills to do a thing we become more confident.

The fuccessful Tips to accomplish self-confidence.
confidence is not something that you have, its somthing that you create.

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