Self-development should be priority

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There is a fish named ‘Stickle-back’, which is found in the sea itself. Dr. Lord studied the various habits and activities of this fish very closely. After spending months in Iceland, he studied the life pattern of this fish and told that human beings can take important teachings to make their family life happy and strong with it.
The male stickleback starts preparing in advance to settle their house. First of all, wandering through the whole sea, he finds a place where the water is neither flowing very fast nor very slowly. The place should be quiet solitary and it is not possible for everyone to reach there.
After a quick search, when a suitable place is found, Stickle Back prepares to build a beautiful house for his wife. For this, how much hard work does that poor person have to do, climb on the back of his parents, what good will the youth who wish for marriage understand? Stickleback collects the softwoods of small plants floating in the water, roots of floating plants and takes them to the chosen place. A stickler fond of marriage first has to do a lot of hard work and labor. He removes a kind of gluten from his body and sticks all the things collected in it so that his hard work does not go in vain. Let the wood that he has collected reaches his place.
The female lay in the cave pasting the baby for four months. She did not even come out of the cave, but again as she remembered that love and affection for the child do not mean that her self-development should be blocked. The little baby came out of the female den as well. The female came directly to the pond and started taking bath in the water. She also inspired her child to get into a lot of water, she made different sounds from the mouth, it seems that the mother is calling her in the water, she is angry for not coming but she is unable to suppress her love feelings.
The child messes with his mother, sometimes reaching the shore and pulling her hair out as if she does not want to let the mother stay in the water, but the mother knows that sickness It is necessary to bathe the child. He often left the child many times, but he had to show anger. That slogan was also a part of love, God is angry and punishes his created creation to his children, but his punishment process is also a symbol of his love. He does not want to destroy even the worst of the creation. He has hope of improvement, so he does not forget to keep love on his child even after he does not stop his practice. He himself keeps crying, but the matter of destroying the creation by getting angry never came in his mind.

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