The different child maintenance ideas

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The stork lays its eggs on such a safe, surrounded by water, on a small island on those days when there is no possibility of a flood, whenever a boy or wild animal reaches them, they leave them in blood. Cranes never leave their eggs or children alone. One goes in search of food and the other stays with them.
Cruel creatures like crows and servants are also highly sensitive towards their children. If someone molests the eggs or children of the crows, then the entire sect falls on them. The snake keeps its children in its horoscope, at that stage, its food is managed by the male. In this way, they show their child tolerance. The mole starts collecting food for the future child from the time of conception so that she can guard them until after the delivery of the baby.
In this regard, elephants are the most efficient arrangement, they not only keep the child but the entire clan womb elephant in a circle and manage its safety if anyone attacks it, elephants become so much more dangerous than all the forest Let’s make it desolate.
Some fishes in the Indian Ocean rotate their eggs in the thousands in the shape of a hive, then swim with them until the children come out and start walking on their own. Arius and tilapia fishes lay eggs in their mouths and keep them with them till they become self-dependent. If Tilapia fears a little, she then hides her children in the mouth and protects them. This is a unique example of the careful manner in which dogs, cats, carefully press their children into their mouths and move them from place to place. The teeth of mice are very sharp. But while raising their children they do not a scratch anywhere, they pick them up with this softness.
Fishes are living creatures in the water, but fishes of the Gaur caste make their nests with a special type of grass and raise children in it, they not only feed and feed them till they grow up like sparrows. Seal fishes already collect abundant amounts of food in their bodies to raise their children and keep them lying on the shore for 5 weeks, during this period they go on a full fast.
Biologists have concluded after studying that she keeps on fearing the insecurity of her children, hence she keeps searching for a safe place. Sleeps children in his lap. If someone picks up the children of the bitch, she wakes up depressed. If she sees her children in any safe hands, she looks at her with great gratitude and scorn, as if she has knowledge of her poverty and the bright future of the child in those hands.

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