Perform duties faithfully towards each other

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The female rhinoceros always keeps their children in front of their eyes. If she ever wants to be right-to-left, she forces her to remain disciplined. Shear also teaches her children to discipline while following them. When she walks, she inspires one of her children to follow by holding her tail and the rest of the children respectively hold each other’s tail and walk like coaches of lined rails.
Gibbon monkeys and chimpanzees roll on the stomach or back, rotating the children until they grow up. Many times, even if the children die, these maternity pains keep their corpses sticking to their chests for several days, like a kangaroo of op carrying a pouch in the stomach, they keep the children in it and keep them somewhere to stay. But they also teach and explain them by taking them out, just keep them pampered, so where is the duty done in it, they also keep teaching them to hunt, play and jump. Once the name order, etc. of Instruction board feet shackled water left in moving the other countries of the plane from.
There was also a dove who had recently delivered two children, she was transported and left in Ben, while the other water vessel returned 5-6 months, dove covered the distance of 930 miles from the distance in 15 days. Those who had no children returned joyfully traveling 3700 miles through the Atlantic and Gibraltar, this shows that the original inspiration for duty-keeping has emerged It is grown. If a true and honest person is to be identified, then his sympathy will be groped. Sensation simply means having compassion, kindness, and generosity towards the little ones, to help them in their hardships.
Maternal-friendly love is found abundantly in the dreaded organism like a lion. From the point of view of safety, the lioness has to change many times from one place to another valley for a long time, then the lioness holds each child with great softness in the neck and takes it to another place, which she usually does at night.
Even a petty creature like the mouse is infatuated with affection, even though her teeth are extremely sharp, she is so emotional while picking them up that she does not even scratch. Insult. We should not spread our feelings to the family and children and spread it to the entire human race and think about the welfare of all, only then is the success and meaningfulness of human life.
Among the developed beings, who choose pairs for themselves for a long time, the same duty is the thirst for emotion – love and they perform their duties faithfully towards each other.

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