Human successful with hard work

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The life of fish is a perfect example of husband-love, support, and duty. A fish called ‘Butterfish’ which is only 10 inches in length, lays eggs and collects them in the shape of a ball. To protect them, both males and females circle the sides of the ball. Wherever they go, together they take such eggs in safety and get food. The husband does not deprive the wife even for a single moment with her cooperation.
A fish named ‘Karat’ is found in the Indian Pacific Ocean, in which the male has to undergo a rigorous examination of his duties and the male fulfills the duty with diligence and emotion.
The female lays eggs, dividing them into two equal parts and makes them into two round balls. She ties a chain to keep the two goals about each other. The intention is that she will grab the rope and walk the eggs pulling it from there – but the woman is soft and weak by nature. Her body cannot do heavy work and hard work, so the mystics who prepared the code of conduct of human beings gave hard work to men and hard work to women. By reconciling the two, the householder keeps on running happily. We seem to have got this inspiration only from these ignorant creatures of nature. As soon as the male saw that the female ‘Karat’ was not able to carry that load, he came forward and tied the cord with a hook-shaped like a peg on his head and then moving them from here to there. In this situation, female karat is also seen arranging her husband’s food.
There are also some cases in fishes whose nature provides a bag (brood pouch) to the males from birth. In this caste, the male must keep eggs in these bags and keep them. It seems that human beings in this life do not follow their responsibilities to the householder properly, they continue to burden the woman but live a life of laziness and love themselves, nature punishes them for taking birth in the category of these nerds so that they Learn that the householder is settled and driven not by a sense of selfishness but by a rigid duty. The same people also enjoy married life on this earth, whose husband and wife, wife generously follow their duties towards each other.

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