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The ‘Quail’ bird found in Central Asia keeps its children very disciplined. Until they grow up, they gather together to walk, get up, sit and eat. Yet many times hunters attack birds, it is difficult to save their lives.
Quell then works with great intelligence. As soon as she saw that a predatory bird snapped, she would go forward in the same direction and fall in front of that predatory bird and fall as if there was no longer any ability to fly in it. The hunter side abandons the intention to work in vain after finding such easy prey and walks to where the quail are lying. Meanwhile, children get an opportunity to hide in a convenient place. The hunter is convinced of his diet, so he does not take any precautions but the Quail steals silently to see the hunter reaching there. As soon as he reached there, she flipped her wings fast and even flew herself. Before flapping wings, the hunter gets frightened and again until he gets rid of the quail like arrows and does not know where to reach. The hunter fool feels despair. In the dilemma, neither Maya nor Rama. Taking his mouth, he runs away sad.
Quell returns to her children. But Quell knows that there may be no such situation in the life of the children, they remain untrained and if they are attacked again, then they have to work in the same way to protect their children. For example, wrestlers go-to outdoor riots and do a lot of practice in the village before performing wrestling. The same happens in the military. Two battalions or several more forces practice together. Splitting into two teams, they practice in such a way as if two enemy forces are fighting.
In this type of practice, only bullets are not fired and everything is the same as in war. The names of the two parties are kept separately, the boundaries are divided, all the dramas of interrogation of spies, etc. are exactly like a real war. This gives the soldiers a tableau of the real war and they do all the work without any panic whenever there is a war. Quail males and females also show their children by doing such exercises, which makes them understand everything and if they ever encounter such a situation, they overcome it with laughter.
If the female kept those eggs alone in her mouth all day long, she would die of hunger and thirst. Even a male alone could not do this work. Leaving on the responsibility of others means disengaging from one’s duty and putting your descendants in jeopardy. The cooperation spirit that men and women introduced to avoid this enormity is a very good example of learning for humans.

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