First in life earn self-respect

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All great men who have been in world, they put their lives in best works. They left example in front of people. This is his legacy. What will you leave behind? Will build houses for a son. House is not necessary for a son. What is important then? You leave this legacy for son so that people can say whose child it is. It will increase your respect. Leave a legacy not only for your children but for whole society, so that people can say that our former men were like this, residents of our village were like this. Such a gentleman was like this. Earn public respect, neither. Earn self-respect. Earn grace of God. What problem do you have with this? There should be no problem with this.
These are three bonds that have destroyed your three things. First, you were deprived of self-satisfaction you could get and you will not be able to get it now. Why? Because where will greed get you? Greed will keep you occupied for doing proper and improper work. Greed will keep you working hard, you will keep on taking loans. Greed will force you to take a bribe. Greed will force you to cheat. Then in what way will you be complacent? Your self will continue to burn because your greed is such a big enemy, which you will not be able to leave, then you have to lose self-satisfaction in return.
There is another thing – you will not be able to get public respect? Why? Because of all your power, all love has been concentrated in these few men. You have understood everything about your woman. You have understood everything about your children. Does anyone live anywhere in society? Is there any culture anywhere? Do some poor people live there? Is there any duty and duty towards society also? No sir! What we earned was divided equally among four sons. And neighbors? And locals? More people? And to those whose favor is loaded on you. For them – teacher who taught you and poor who is living like a beggar nowadays. Is there any duty towards him or not? No, sir, I divided it equally among four sons. Do not do this. Do not divide equally among four sons. Let children become self-reliant and let society benefit from whatever is your property. Let culture benefit.

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