The basic benefit of contemplation

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Friends! The basic benefit of sacrifice, ritual, is the benefit of its contemplation. The benefit of increasing the height of the level of approach is, you keep this in mind. The history of ancient times and the new history show that even if the function is normal, its results will be unusual. One day in the last camp, I told you the story of a mongoose. There was a Brahmin, who brought four grains of bread from somewhere and while hungry, he donated all the four bread. The bread had taken a chan. A little part of the mongoose was drenched in his warm water and he had turned to gold.
When Lord Krishna had performed the sacrifice of the Panda, he had gone into it and started saying, ‘Sir!’ This sacrifice did not have much merit. So sir! Whom does virtue belong to? It is a virtue that you keep one bread on your plate and donate all four loaves to whichever person comes. Your Majesty! So will weasel become golden by this? Will not done. Okay, should I put six pieces of bread in place of one kilo of flour on a plate? And even if I donate, it will not happen. Why?
Because what you understand its meaning, it understands the scene, understands the action, understands the substance, is that what you mean? But what can be the value of the matter, what can be important? Even rats eat the substance at home. Yes, sir What will happen by virtue of grain? Nothing will happen. How will it happen? Son! He has only one base, and none other and his name is – vision. Now I have referred you to the man whom the four bread did this awesome. There was a vision behind him, a philosophy and that was the sacrifice. Such a huge sacrifice was done that in comparison to that, the sacrifice made by the Panda by spending millions of rupees was unseen. But that sacrifice of the hungry Brahmin donating four loaves grew.
Brothers Sisters! Correct your ego in the sense that we have to become great men and we become great human beings. Their gait – shield, and gait make it so magnificent that we can also receive the grace of God. If you will not go in the direction of greatness, you will go in the direction of nobility, then you will have to take greed, fascination, and ego. With them, you will have to fall into hell and fall in bondage.

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