Family is child’s first laboratory

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family is man’s first laboratory where he begins practice of affection, sacrifice, service and tolerance. One should not think that family is man’s original creation. Among other creatures of world, feelings of householder, mutual fidelity and abandonment can be seen in married life. If there is a need to find a solution to misfortunes arising out of excessive urge of self-interest in household life, one should study family life of those animals which can be called ideal of married and home life.
There is only one element that brings man closer to man and binds him in close relationship formulas – emotions. If that element is removed, then what remains will be so disgusting that no one will like to see it if it is touched. Emotions are emotions that keep life together, maintain friendship between people, maintain order, there is no difference between emotions in empty world and in desert. On other hand, if a soft shadow of emotions is available, then people live life happily even in absence of feelings, if feelings were not there, world would have been shattered, by now it would have been destroyed and corrupted. In race, sense of deprivation is increasing, which is increasing frustration even when resources are increasing, increasing crime, divorce, self-killings are proofs of fact that heart of man is getting dry. Land, If human race has had its own creative vision not cast may one day be destroyed.
It is a matter of shame for man that even though a thoughtful creature like that is becoming vacant from these human qualities, sentiment of other innocent beings of universe is intact. Man repels being a dignified, thoughtful creature, but ruptured marriage relations, ruining family peace, future generations becoming disorderly and chaotic social relations tell that our life-order is becoming impure, if we wish for our other After learning from brothers, we can return our steps again.
A deer belonging to ‘dick-dick’ caste is a wife faster. He always lives in pairs. In his lifetime he never cohabitates with any other hermit. Similar things happen about lions and elephants. Before making a couple, they take full caution, but once couple is made, they do not encroach this dignity until one of males or females dies. Even after death, there are many who live widower than remarry, but in that case their perception is destroyed and they often become very much dreaded. Even in that situation, whenever they see tears dripping in memory of their female, compassion does not exist. Then it is known that joy of life is in emotions and not in substance.

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