Human should perform duties with devotion

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Chimpanzees also have an example of family and married loyalty to humans. They make their habitat on trees, after making a pair, the chimpanzees deal with their married life sincerely and are never attracted to any other female or male. The male protects his entire family. When they rest in the resting place on the tree, he sits down and watches over them; the chimpanzee is filled with duty as soon as he sees it. In fact, if our responsibilities are fulfilled properly, then there is no other spiritual practice than this, the great mantra of ‘spirituality’ shows the fact that human beings should perform duties with full devotion.
Wild ducks are also steeped in family allegiance, apart from their caste, they do not make any connection to any of the nearly 140 species of ducks. Japanese mandarin is very close to them, but the biologists refused to meet her even after many efforts.
Like the couple’s loyalty, the mutual love of the male and female in the creatures is also expressive, wild buffalo, deer, reindeer also show their love spirit by rubbing horns with their female horns. The lion attracts lioness by showing her might, then the elephant has to raise its trunk and show its love spirit. Some birds and animals express their distress and plead with melodious melody and voice. Some creatures have the tendency to express their love by expressing themselves through the eyes, but the natural expression of love is there in every living being, so it should try to maintain its purity as an eternal element. He is not the object of love, he is the soul of grace. Therefore, he should be awake to anyone, but the effort is only for the realization of his universal form.
Male and female ravens live together continuously for one year before marriage. The female chooses for herself a male who possesses leadership qualities, who is courageous, fearless, lazy, weak, who asks for foolish men, nature selects the industrialist, the courageous and the courageous. Searches and gives her decision. If she sees that the male lacks malevolent qualities, then she selects someone else except her. The way girls are cheated on dowry and artificial qualities, it is impossible to cheat the raven.
Many times males and females go astray. For these circumstances, they have already set certain sounds which are not known to any other raven of their caste. With their help, they find each other. Once during the test, Dr. Gwinn was shocked to hear the sound of a dog, and he saw that there is no dog nearby, then where the sound of barking is coming from. It was soon revealed that a raven was calling his estranged by indicating that the ‘engagement period’ was going on. The two met in a short time.

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