Happiness in family life is very important

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Even after marriage, the female preserves her husband’s right and sense of self-respect. If a woman loses her supremacy due to being a woman, even if she accepts it, she does not accept Raven. After finding a relationship, she finds a suitable place to live. The male builds a house if in the meantime the female does not find the conditions there favorable, then she will find another place. Many times in this search, the male has to leave many unfinished houses and build new houses again and again. It is at the wish of the female to choose any of these places and make the final decision to stay there.
Gem writes — how the relationship between husband and wife is, whether or not there is love, peace, happiness and orderliness in family life can be found by looking at the situation of the children at home. The houses that have love, friendship, and harmony are clean and well decorated. His children and members are laughing and playing the same thing about the raven. It can be told by seeing his nest that there are love and harmony in his family life.
The husband Raven teaches mankind by dedicating himself to his female and following ‘a woman’s fast’ and in a way denotes her sexuality and inspires duty. During the 18–19 days of hatching, the female is continuously sitting in the nest, during that period, the male completes the task of bringing grain and feeding it in the beak of the wife. A Dutch zoologist has written that once a female raven died during the egg hatching period, the husband continued to starve, carrying the burden of child-rearing, and the sole responsibility of raising the children from growing up to teaching them to fly.
The thirst for love is indomitable not only in human beings but in every creature of the universe. San Diego birdhouse directory of USA Belle J. We wrote, referring to his nineteen years of experience in the birdhouse — I saw the yearning of love in the life of wild animals, they also teach learning with love — once the female bear of the birdhouse gave birth to a child He was named Ta. More than that the bear is a ferocious animal of rage nature, it can be seen in the love. It seems that if the odd circumstances of the world had not forced him to become angry, then the bear would have been the most affectionate and affectionate creature in the world.

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