Works should do with full self-confidence

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Stickle Back works with full self-confidence. To believe that all the collected stuff is firmly clinging, he dances his body fluttering, as if he has a habit of rejoicing in labor. Once convinced that the goods will not fall, then go ahead and build a house with this stuff at a predetermined location. The gluten material of the body acts as a cement here and the brought wood is made of brick and stone palace for the visiting bride, and once he sees her wandering.
It seems that there is something lacking in splendor. Then he brings fine pieces of sand to the mouth and puts it on the floor of the house. If there is scope for wear and tear in the closet, it fixes it. He is satisfied only after the whole house is turned into a varnished one. When these preparations are complete, he himself sets out in search of a female. He does not need dowry and transactions, because he knows that women and men also have their own needs, so why not give a dear welcome and respect to the dear thing on your own behalf. He does not show the same humiliation and hypocrisy as humans.
Once he finds a suitable wife, he brings her home. The wife arrives during pregnancy in a few days, then it sends her to roam, then she takes care of the house and eggs. It not only manages their food etc. They also keep a strict guard at the door for security. Mr. Frank Buckland, describing its hard work, has written that if there is a slight disturbance in the house, it corrects it immediately.
Stickle Back handles the responsibilities of rearing his children and wife with full understanding. He does not keep them in the curtain. To keep enough oxygen available, he keeps two doors in his house. This keeps the water flowing there and keeps getting fresh oxygen if the flow stops, it immediately causes the body to flutter and flow, so that the dirt of the stagnant water is not affected.
How artistic and interesting is the life of Stickle Back. Here the children started coming out, on the other side, they separated the upper part of the house and prepared a nice swing. Like humans, he does not like the life of Gum-Sum. He makes a swing and swings the children as well as the wife. The parade itself continues in the area, expressing its joy and happiness, but other enemies and evil elements run away in fear, as peace is not overcome by the demise of the beloved and cherished perfect harmony. When the children leave the swing and run here and there, it keeps them in the swing again and again, until the children themselves are able to, it does not let them sit in the vagabond and in the quirks. Only when they are able to protect themselves, it allows them to go and create a new world.

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