The strong mentality of humans

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The tiger is a very productive animal, due to its natural motivation, it has to attack it, but it becomes like a lonely husband and wife. Dr. Stafford, who has spent most of his life studying the tendencies of wild animals living in the forests, has given a very interesting incident. A tiger from the South African jungle had just chosen their pair just a few days ago. The tigress and the bride fell ill and died one day at the same stage. In that forest, many more female tiger could find him, but that tiger did not choose anyone as his companion again. A long-time later, she found a female who was living alone on her own, possibly her husband had died. Both the widows re-established their couple, but in the normal state, they always remain one, no couple looks at the other badly. The tiger will be violently violent, but due to its truthfulness, it is so strong and capable that other creatures of the forest greet it from a distance.
The owl, which does not tolerate the presence of other tribes in his empire, is also a unique example of patrimony. Once a couple is formed, they devoutly follow the householder’s life. It takes 30 to 35 days for the female to hatch eggs. During this period, the male self-feeds and protects his female. Owl children do not learn to fly and hunt until they are adults, they are sheltered and raised by these parents.
Dh bird has to do even more painful meditation. For the heat required to hatch eggs and for the protection of the female, the shell in which the male stays, keeps his mouth completely open so that the beak can come out. Just this, the male feeds and feeds his female.
The eldest officers of the service are their children after the wife. Providing nourishment to those who have given birth by giving them good affection is also a form of social service. This duty should not be ignored. While other creatures carry out their responsibilities with laughter and happiness, it is not right for humans to turn their faces here. Motherhood is found equally in both humans and animals. Deer, cow, are usually straight animals. But if there is any kind of danger to their children, they become violent to protect them. There is a saying for the cat — she rotates her children to seven houses.

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