20 Traits and Qualities Admirable about ENTPs

ENTPs find almost everything is interesting and spend most of their times studying everything economy, psychology neurology, politics, aviation, law, martial just everything because they hate when they don’t fully understand and are not good at something. And one of the greatest thing about ENTP is the belief that there is a truth in everything that needs to be uncovered or determined.   The downside is that there are often very dark days along the way.

·      Entps can analyze any problem from all angles and come up with a solution no one has ever thought of. also, you can usually learn and do anything with 10% effort compared to others.

·      ENTPs are never bored because they have thousands of ideas and interests, hundreds of books on reading there’s no way you could run out of things to do in 1000 years life is short to do all that’s.

·      ENTPs are very filtering and selective. they value and respect a wealthy entrepreneur (more in technology areas), artists, inventors, Scientific, sportsmen, even genuine political leaders somebody who brings something to society by their own effort being publicly recognized or not what matters is goodwill and valuable contribution. The despise inherited wealth, aristocracy, corporate-inherited power, jet-set, dumb political power, administrative power, TV and pure media popularity and fifteen-minute fashion people. Both sides are somehow typical ENTP scale of values.

·      ENTPs exceptional in leadership ability

     they are never power hungry nor do they ever crave for authority leadership for them is taking up some of the most difficult challenges other have given up and proving right the enormous faith of others in them … they are motivated by earning respect and admiration and never by power, money or authority), creativity (one of the most creative types … creativity comes naturally to them), imagination (that’s the fountain-head of their super creative powers) and problem-solving ability (I think other than their close cousins INTPs there couldn’t be a better problem-solver in the world.

·      Exciting personality (blessed with one of the most colorful personalities they could entertain people effortlessly and know how to keep them in good humor), thoughts (they may look easy-going and in fact they are but don’t mistake it for their deep thinking abilities) and ideas (nothing excites them more than newer, fresher, novel, interesting ideas 🙂

·      Exacting: in their standards of competence they expect from other people (uncompromising in their disrespect towards the incompetent but are staunchly loyal and respecting to people they admire

·      ENTPs exalted: in their thoughts about working for a better world (since they could easily pinpoint the root causes of complex problems and are motivated by difficult challenges they do make a sincere effort to bring some qualitative change but they fall victim to their attention-getting diverted mid way to another more exciting task distraction is the Achilles heel of ENTPs

·      ENTPs excelling: in whatever they do otherwise they don’t bother taking up a project

·      ENTPs excitable: easily excited  just like a kid with a candy but the excitement doesn’t long  newer excitements keep on victimizing gullible ENTPs.

·      ENTPs are experiment just for the heck of it … like a boy throwing pebbles in a pond just to see what happens … ENTPs don’t mind creating ripples (Read: provoking people without the intention to hurt … they seldom like to hurt but if they do they hit hard) just to learn and gain newer insights about people

·      ENTPs exasperating: learning is not just a passion for ENTPs … it’s food for thought or raison d’etre for ENTPS (intellectual stimulation is their biggest need) … if deprived for long (e.g. milled in boring, monotonous jobs) they get irritative and there couldn’t be bigger pain in the than a learning-deprived ENTP

·      ENTPs excruciating: v.less tolerant of lazy, lethargic, incompetent, arrogant, selfish, hypocritical and diplomatic kind of people (they are the least politically correct people and don’t mind calling a spade a spade … so cause a lot of pain in the people who don’t value honesty, candor and forthrightness

·      ENTPs excursionist: like roaming around, meeting new people, visiting new places … it breaks monotony for them

·      ENTPs existentialist: firm believers in free will and locus of control

·      ENTPS explosive: in debates, arguments, intellectual engagements and even fights … better not mess with them 🙂

·      ENTPs explicit: they don’t beat about the bush … are direct, straightforward and often outspoken.

·      ENTPs Expert: in whatever they have invested their time and energy since their passions are as diverse as diversity of species they could be counted to know many things

·      ENTPs Explorative: Curiosity Thy name is ENTP … one of the most inquisitive people ever born … they are born to explore and conquer the world (they are the Julius Caesars of their world.

·      ENTPs make for interesting dates they can be funny and talkative but also quiet and sit listening to the other person. In listening and really paying attention to the conversation, ENTPs can completely get the essence of things almost instantly not just by listening to the words being said, but by a ton of other factors. This makes some people often walk away feeling like they’ve had some deep personal moment in which the ENTP just completely got them and feel quite special afterword.

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